Teacher Training

200 HOUR TEACHER CERTIFICATION APRIL 30th - JULY 30th 2014 Our Four month program offers a diverse academic lineage like no other. We encourage people of all levels and ages whether you're new to yoga  or an experienced yogi continuing your education.

Styles & Paths

Asthanga - Pure Vinyasa- Jivamukti
Bali Spirit Restorative.

Our creative, mindful and invigorating method of teaching is our mission. We share a practical, knowledgeable means of yoga in everyday life. Find your Style, Path, or Brand here.


Teacher Immersion

Teacher Immersion

Choose a course of study to take your practice or teaching skills to a better understanding.

1.) Asthanga

2.) Adjustments

3.) Chanting

4.) Sequencing

5.) Hatha Yoga

Affiliate Center

Samgha is an affiliate center of JIVAMUKTI YOGA INC. -New York -Sydney -London - Berlin -Munich - Charleston -www.jivamuktiyoga.com Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu...May all beings everywhere be happy and free...

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